Sometimes you’ll wonder why what looked good on your friend makes you look like a Halloween model! Each face is different so one for all doesn’t usually work.

Learning how to do your own face the best way possible for your specific features is one of the best gifts you can give yourself. No more struggling to see what suits you and what doesn’t. With BlendbySanky‘s highly popular one on one tutorials, learn to maximize the beauty of your own features through your own makeup.

Services offered:

  • Basis 101 for beginners: For those who shudder at putting on even one eye shadow! A makeup dummy? No worries, Blend will show you the way in a simple step-by-step process of how to create magic on your full face! I’ll make it easy for you in 60 minutes J
  • Intermediate level: You have some knowledge but want to learn the correct techniques for everything. A 90-minute makeup tutorial specifically for your face type and features with your existing products so you learn how to do your face the best way!
  • Advanced level: You know it all; you could be a professional too but want to specialize in a particular look or get in-depth knowledge! Learn how to get glammed up! Be it Smokey eyes, cut crease! A full two hour session with in-depth learning for one advanced eye technique along with cream contouring
  • Eye tutorial: All about eyes! Learn how to blend eye shadows to create the best look for your eye shape with your existing products! Start with a day look intensifying it to an evening glam look
  • Contouring Tutorial: Learn how to contour and highlight your face best suited to your face type and shape! Get the angles you always wanted with your own cream and powder products!
  • BlendbySanky Makeup Academy: Offering you a chance to spend three days with Sanky to learn about everything there is to know about makeup from start to finish. Each day you will learn two looks as per request! At the end you will get a Certificate of Achievement in Personal Makeup from BlendbySanky Academy

Group tutorials:

Make a group with your friends or family and come for a fun filled session to learn the arts and tricks of makeup application! We will start with theory, skin care followed by using one of you as the model! Learn how to do your full face by observing and with all the sheets of information and exclusive recommendations given to you. Let’s makeup magic together in the company of those whom we love!

Services offered:

  • Basic 101 hands on : A new category of group classes where you get to do your own makeup under Blend’s supervision! Along with a certificate of participation from BlendbySanky Makeup Academy! Minimum of 5 in the group
  • Master Class : Very popular classes for a class of 8 to 12 people to learn various looks from A to Z!

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